Livestock Sales Mondays
11:00 A.M.,MT
Contact Brad or Shelly at

605-685-6716 or 685-5716

Airport Access 1/4 mi.
Call and we will pick you up!


Specializing in
Farm & Ranch,  Commercial & Residential Auctions
Contact Brad Otte

605-685-6716 or 685-5716

We are third generation Auction Market Owners providing quality marketing servcies to Farmers & Ranchers.  Our Customers offer some of the highest quality livestock in the Midwest. We specialize in Farm, Ranch, Commerical & Residential Auctions of all types.   
Restaurant - Family Dining
   Home Cooking, Clean Friendly Atmosphere with the Finest Food & Service in Town
                           Small Portions, Take Out Orders &
                            Group Accommodations Available,
                           Regular Cafe Hours: 
You Can count on us
Monday thru Friday 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,mt, 

NEW ITEMS:  Sweet Potato Nuggets,  Mini Corn Dogs, Fried Green Beans

 $5 Breakfast Specials
Mondays - 2 Eggs, Ham,Bacon or Sausage & Toast
Tuesdays - 2 Egg Sausage & Cheese Omlet & Toast
Wednesdays - Biscuitys & Gravy
Thursdays - 2 French Toast, Bacon or Sausage Links
Friday - 2 Egg Canadian Bacon & Cheese Sandwich

$8.50 Lunch Specials
Monday, Feb. 19 - Hot Beef Sandwich
Tuesday, Feb. 20 - Grilled Ham & Cheese/Soup or a Side
Wednesday, Feb. 21 - Steak Strip Dinner 
Thursday, Feb. 22 - Chicken Salad San./Soup or a Side
Every Friday - Indian Taco or Chef Salad
For the Lent Season on Fridays we will be offering Soup & Fry Bread,
Shrimp or Fish Sandwich
Closed Saturday's and Sunday's

Special Includes Coffee, Tea or Lemonade and Dessert

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