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Mon. Oct. 21- Special Yearling/Feeder Sale

Knuppe Ranch-225 hd ang strs/hfrs
Rush Creek-200 hd ang strs
Frances/Cody Ferguson-50 hd red & blk
Scott Weston-75 hd ang calves
Jacobs Family-35 hd ang calves
Meeks Ranch-350 hd ang calves
Bill Hines-145 hd ang strs/spayed hfrs--705-900#
JF Ranch-120 hd char x-hfrs--950-1000#
Roger Porch-120 hd ang strs/hfrs
Louis Twiss-20 hd ang strs
Kenny/Terry Livermont-150 hd ang strs
Glenn Gibbons-100 hd blk calves
Richard Whipple-20 hd x-bred calves
Leonard Ferguson-70 hd x-bred calves
Open Box-30 hd yearling strs 750-850#
Puckett Ranch-200 blk strs
Sam/Ann Smith-33 tested open hfrs--15 hd strs
Corny Beef-22 hd yearlings

Mon. Oct. 28- Special Feeder Sale
Tom Ward-350 hd blk calves
Clarence/Cody Allen-50 hd ang strs/hfrs
Huddleston Cattle Company-250 hd ang strs
Darrel Yellow Hair-70 hd blk/bbf
Equal X Ranch-180 hd ang strs/hfrs
Glenn Puckett-200 hd blk/few char
Marcell Bull Bear-70 hd x-bred calves
Iron Hornse Ranch-200 hd blk strs/hfrs
Marr Cummings-100 hd blk strs/hfrs
Dawn Dugan-25 blk strs, 5 blk hfrs--500-600#

Mon Nov. 4- Special Feeder Sale
Harris Farms-300 hd blk calves
Lessert Ranch-150 hd blk and char calves
Monty Witcher-70 hd ang strs
Bob Coyle-100 hd blk and char strs/hfrs
Dave McDonnell-100 hd ang strs
Jobgen/Bertram-150 hd ang strs
Alvin Frost-75 hd ang strs/hfrs
Grover Frost-70 hd ang strs/hfrs
Jon Gregg-120 hd blk ang strs/hfrs
Joe Wilson/Steve Hahn-350 hd x-bred strs/hfrs
Myles Janis-8 hd x-bred calves--500-600#
Morris Brewer-40 hd blk calves--525-550#
Risse/Knecht-200 hd blk strs
Brian Kirk-50 hd blk ang calves
Scott/Sandy Hubers-120 hd blk calves

Mon. Nov. 11- Weigh Up Sale
Mon. Nov. 18- Weigh Up Sale Followed by Horse Sale
Mon. Nov 25- Feeder Cattle and Bred Cows Sale

Brad Otte- Auctioneer/Fieldman 605-685-5716

Joe Waln- Head Sorter/Fieldman 605-515-0257

Joe Wilson-Fieldman 605-407-7744 or 605-685-1221

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